Specialty Installation Projects

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Hotshot Header being positioned
Rich Bjornson installs a Hotshot Header in an S14

Plenty of pictures to show you what you're up against if you're planning this mod.
Go to the e-fan install

Rob's Install of Electric Fans
Rob shows how to re-wire the s14 to support electric fans!

Phil and Shawn's AEM Intake Install
We give the step-by-step's for the installation of the AEM Short-Ram Intake in a S14

Lsd swap

Paul's LSD Swapping
Paul gives the details on which LSD's can be fitted into our 240sx

Steve and Shawn's Flywheel / Clutch Swap
We give the step-by-step's for changing a faulty 240sx clutch or dropping in a lightened flywheel.

Richard's Coil Over Conversion
Custom Coilover Conversion

Richard Lestage provides in-depth info on his conversion
Snug Seat Trick
Seat Upgrade

This article shows how to make your s13 240sx seats hold you in tighter.
Jeff's Nitrous Install
Jeff's Nitrous Install

Jeff shows you how to make your 240sx happy on laughing gas.
KA24 Block
Project 240

Chris Kline rebuilds his 240 engine
SDS's 89 Turbo Project
Turbo 240

SDS Turbocharges a 1989 240sx
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Rich's Auto => Manual Swap
Rich gives a step - by - step on swapping the 240sx auto tranny with the 5 speed.

SDS's 1990 Turbo Project
Turbo 240 #2

SDS Turbocharges a 1990 240sx
300zx Brake Upgrade
Brake Upgrade

How to replace the stock 240SX single-piston calipers with 300ZX-TT four-piston calipers and rotors.
Cold air port
Chris's Cold air Port

A nice looking way to easily get some cooler intake air
Chris Robl's Trunk
Sound System

Chris R. Redesigns the system inside of a 95 240sx se
Jeremy's pully install

Jeremy Dibble's installation for the ASP Pulley
He explains step by step the entire process to install on a 240sx.

Shawn's Multichecker Install

Shawn's install of the Apex-I Multichecker
Shawn makes it clear for the s14 - DOHC install of the Apex-I Multichecker.

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Matt's custom vented hood
He shows exactly and precisely how to make your own custom vented hood!

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John's tight bass system in an s14

John Copeland shows how to make a space efficient boomin system.
Timing Chain Diagram

Jason's install of a 240sx timing chain
Jason goes step - by - step in explaining the process of the timing chain install.

Marks custom s14 short intake
He shows how simple and fast it is to clean up alot of things under the hood and make a nice intake
Rear Camber Correction
Joel shows us the trick to saving your rear tires.

Those 17-inch tires are pretty expensive, huh? Here's one way to make them last a little longer. Long awaited and often asked question now has an answer.
Pilot Motorsports Short Shifter

Install of the Pilot Motorsports 240sx Short Shifter
Ryan typed out the step - by - step procedure for the install of the short shifter.

Lsd Install
David Williams installs a '93 300zx VLSD on his '95 240sx

He explains and shows step-by-step what you need to do to get that ever so wanted LSD on your car.
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Deron's Install of the Blitz Full Auto Turbo Timer
He explains what you need to wire in the 95 to hook it all up.