Electric Fans in a S-14

Ever wanted an electric fan in your s-14 to free up a little power and space? I have compiled these pictures in hopes to take a little mystery and worry out of re-wiring your existing electric fan using the stock relay, and it can all be done for fewer than 5 dollars.


Step one:

   Get your mechanical fan out. This is perhaps the most difficult step in the process, but you’ll be surprised how your engine will look afterward. Take your air intake off (just enough to free up the radiator shroud) and pull off your top radiator hose (do it fast enough and point it up and you shouldn’t lose that much coolant. Once those are free and the shroud is more or less bare you have two options: first, on the bottom of your fan shroud Nissan has a cut away section that will allow you to remove the shroud while the mechanical fan is still attached, or drop the fan (6 10mm nuts, and yeah, they are in there so be ready to spend a little time on them.) and then undo the shroud bolts, and pull out the shroud.

    Once the shroud and fan are out it’s a matter of clean up. Put the 10 mm nuts back on the water pump pulley and put a few small washers on the plastic screws that hold the electric fan to the radiator. Fill coolant and attach intake again.


Step two

   Here’s where the real fun begins, locate your fan relay!



Step three

    Get your relay out!

Pop the bracket out.


Get the relay off!

  I don’t have a picture for this, but it has a clip on the side, pull it away from the relay and slowly walk it off.


Push the connecter out and remove bracket it pushes out through the bottom, so use a screwdriver.


Step four

   The re-wire


First things first, we are basically shorting a circuit, so what you need for this is a plain wire, 22 gauge or about is a good. On one end put a female spade connector, on the other put a medium collar connector (you’ll see what I mean in the photos)

After you make this wire, proceed.


Locate the wire we need to remove; it’s the blue wire with the green stripe, and drop the white plastic retainer thing. (It’s a lot harder than it looks, but take your time, and don’t break it


Pull out the blue/green stripe wire, it has a internal clip so jam something thin down there to push it down, I used a very small pocket knife


Now, once that wire is out, tuck it out of harms way in that big mess of wires below, no need to cut it or wrap it, the current it so small it can’t do anything. Put our new wire through the white thing and into position


Put it in the proper spot and make sure it is fairly snug, tug on the wire to make sure it will not shake loose. Push the white thing up into position (this will take a while, those little fingers never want to go.


Step five

   Put the bracket back on, then the relay, then fit the bracket into place.


So now you should have a wire just hanging out, with a collar end on it.

Here’s what you do: towards the rear of the fuse box there is a small plastic door that carries wires to the rest of the loom. Open the door and route our new wire back there as well, this gives us a factory look.


Now simply ground the wire to the engine ground towards the top left of the fuse box


You’re more or less done, that’s it for the wiring and what not, but you have to see if it will work for your set-up:


Turn your car ignition on, and listen for the fan, you should be able to hear it, if you don’t go back and check EVERYTHING. If you hear it, great!


Turn your car on, let her warm up a bit, now crank your stereo and turn on every little goody you have.


Test your voltage at your battery, if it is dropping you have two options, go back to the regular fan and be happy, or bump your idle up a bit to make more voltage. It is very simple; it’s a matter of turning an adjustment screw.

The damn screw is really in there; it’s towards the back under the EGR. Turn till you hear or see the rpm’s increase.


Once your happy with your voltage, take her out for a spin, run it how you normally drive, step on it a few times to see it moves enough air for you. My car runs cooler like this, so you should see similar results.



Sit back and look at your engine


For all of you guys who are super technical here is the FSM page with amendments


Any questions

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