View of JWT in Front Fender Area 2.5" Plastic Chrome Millwork Desk Cord Grommet

Installation is real easy. Simply use a 2.5" Hole Saw ($10-12) and drill thru the plastic body panel just next to the air dam on the front of most S13 Nissan 240sx.  The plastic chrome grommet clips in and no adhesive is required.  The grommets may be hard to find in a local hardware store, even Home Depot and Lowes might not carry them.  Try a millwork, carpentry, or cabinetry specialty shop or mail order like Rockler Woodworking. If you anticipate alot of snow, use the grommet cover piece to cover most of the hole back up, simple and effective.  If you're looking for a ram-air system and want to leave your filter in the engine compartment, the grommet technique could be used as an attachment point for one end of the duct used to force air through the fender and up through the existing hole below the old air box location an on towards your filter.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions or similar ideas.


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