Most of the time when lowering a 240, at least with the S-13 body style you tend to have camber problems. Now if you go more than 1.5in, then you will probably need a fix for the rear. Camber is degree in which your tires contact the road, and if its not 0 or there about, you will get bad tire wear. The process to correct this is quite simple and really only involves either a good alignment shop or you and a plasma cutter. The upper control arm(the one the rear shock goes through) needs to have the hole where it connects with the back of your rear hub slotted out. Also the same thing must be done with the other upper control arm in order to allow your toe in to be set with the stock adjustment. The pictures below will help illustrate what I mean. SPECIAL THANKS to Kyle for taking these pics of his used set of control arms for us .


The first pic is of the upper control arm that attaches to the back of the hub

This is a close up of both the upper control arms that need to be slotted .

Next we see that the bottom control arm is the one the shock goes through and the other one is the one on top of the hub back towards the front of the car. Both are held on the hub by bolts like you see pictured, the bolt goes through one hole in the control arm and then through the hub and finally through the arm again. In all you must slot 4 holes on each side .

This is the picture of what I mean by "slot" out the holes. This allows the top of the wheel to be pulled out farther in order to compensate for bad negative camber.

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