John Copeland's 1995 240sx System Install

This is a shot of my 1995 240sx.  I designed my system for a large amount of deep tight bass, but I wanted complete use of your trunk at the same time. jcope_1.jpg (13634 bytes)
Vinyl covered MDF Amp Rack w/ push/pull Fas

Oh about any amps for the subs, I just built a custom amp rack in the spare tire well, threw out my spare (doesnt fit anymore anyway) tossed in my cell-phone and Im off.

The amp rack is made of 3/4 in mdf.Cut it to the shape of the trunks contours and then cut a square out of the middle of it for the rack itself. The rack is made of 1/4 in mdf for the bottom piece and 1/2 in for the sides. I made mine just deep enough to hold my equipment (yours may vary). I then screwed the rack to the bottom of the amp rack using corner reinforcment braces. NOTE: before the braces are attached, the rack must  be able topass though the square cut for it( the top edges of the rack act as supports for the press fit cover!)  The press fit cover  is made of 3/4 in mdf the same size as the square previously cut. Cut the window or windows out of the cover.  Use a router to cut the 1/4 rabbit groove around the edge of the windows to hold the 1/4 Lexan. Cut the Lexan to fit the grooves.  I then vinyled the amp rack w/ the same vinyl as my dash.

The original trunk mat can be sed to lay  over the amp rack w/ only a slightly raised look to the floor. Also if for some reason you cant use your old trunk mat you can easily make one by sewing a peice of plastic between two  peices of matching carpet (keeps everything waterproof). Also dont worry about throwing stuff in your trunk- thats what the bulletproof Lexan is for!

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This is a shot of the press fit lower panel w/ lexan windows (Now tinted) jcope_4.jpg (12149 bytes)
Shot of JL 10w1 w/ panels removed

Remove the back part of the seat (the part that folds down) via the two bolts at the hinge point. Remove both of the rear panels on either side of the remaining rear seat. there you will find a hole in the frame work of the car just big enough to hold a 10 in. speaker. Make a baffle board out of 3/4 in. mdf to hold the woofer and seal up the remaining hole. Bolt the baffle board to the frame using metal brackets and seal it w/ silicone. The enclosure w/ speaker installed yields .75 cubic ft. of airspace perfect for a 10w1. Line the back wall of the enclosure (the inner part of your rear fender) with Dynamat. Stuff it full of poly fill, screw in the speaker  and your good to go! Now you can either throw the panel back on and ride, or cut a hole in the panel cover it w/ a 4x6 in. speaker grill Dynamat the panel and then through it back on (your choice)

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Sony 5470
Audiocontrol Esp 2
Audiocontrol Linedriver
Precision Power PC 450 w/ push/pull fans to pull the heat off the amp
Polk Audio 2.5" x 1"
Polk 6.5 seperates set
JLaudio 10w1's

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