Custom s14 Short Intake

by: Mark








These are the items you will be needing. Some include parts left over from the stock intake. Purchased items include, two 3ft of 4 gauge battery cable, 45 degree pvc pipe 2 inches in diameter.


Step #1:

Disconnect and remove intake and MAF down to the mouth of the throttle body. Losen, but don’t remove, the pipe connected to the radiator and turn 90 degree’s facing upward. This will make it easy when you put on the 45 degree angle PVC pipe.


Step #2:

Disconnect -/+ battery connections and remove battery from engine bay.


Step #3:

Connect one 3ft 4gauge battery cable to positive cable and one on the negative as shown. (Don’t forget to wrap with or protect connections when done to avoid shorting you car battery circuit)


Step #4:

Line the wire over the fan shroud where stock intake originally was located and tie down securely to nearby framing either in front or on both ends of cable.


Step #5:

Relocate battery on right side of engine bay where the stock intake box and filter used to be. (I used to have threads sticking up for intake box but I removed the purposefully). Be sure to harness the battery securely to the frame in front of it so it wont move or flip, spilling battery acid all over your engine bay.


Step #6:

Start by taking the end of your intake and cutting off approx. 2 inches of rubber (which is 2 inches in diameter). Now put this around the outer lip of the throttle body mouth and tighten it securely on it using the metal ribbon that were on the original intake.


Step #7:

Now take the 45 degree angle PVC pipe and face towards the empty slot where the battery used to be. (Apply another metal ribbon around the PVC pipe and 2 inch rubber tube and tighten). Make sure the pipe clears the radiator tube which you angled upward to give yourself some working room back on step #1.


Step #8:

Now with the original throttle body mouth piece (the rubber tube with a hose coming out the side for intake air duct), take out the metal piece for the air duct… you will then need to plug it up to prevent air from passing through here. I used a rubber plug. The long end side of this tube will fit snuggly around the PVC pipe. Apply another metal ribbon around the original throttle body mouth piece which is now connected on the end of the PVC pipe.


Step #9:

You will notice that the air flow in side (side with screen) of the MAF/MAS unit is not rounded but has corner so it fits in 4 screw threads. These corners will need to come off so we can put the intake cone filter around it. I used a hand held drummel saw. While dealing with the MAF/MAS, take the male side of the sensor wire harness and disconnect it from the tie holding it to the valve cover. Instead you’ll be putting in on the inside between the valve cover and the ties for the other wire harness. This allows you more slack. Make sure you don’t take off the heat tape as well.

 (you will see the male side of MAF/MAS wire just above the unit on display)


Step #10:

Connect the MAF/MAS unit onto the tube (which was originally the throttle bodies mouth piece with the air duct hole on the side), and tighten with another metal ribbon. (Be sure all of the metal ribbons are tightened because the intake is elevated unless you tie it down to something, which would require some re-adjustment to the angle on the PVC pipe)

This is a direct shot at the MAF/MAS unit with the air flow in side rounded to receive the high flow intake cone.


Step #11:

Reconnect the MAF/MAS wire harness sensor to the main unit. Make sure you have enough slack. It should be just long enough to give you 1 inch leeway of slack otherwise your PVC pipe angle is aiming to far down towards the battery platform, or is to long on ends.


Step #12:

Now you can put the high flow air intake cone on. If the mouth of the intake cone is too large you will need a spacer that will seal it tight and stay on.

 Final Results



Estimated time: 2 hours

Results: Massive throttle response (depending on engine condition you may need to turn up the idle about half an RPM). Your intake is now 3 feet shorter then it was with the original intake crossing over the fan shroud to the right side of the engine bay. The two other miniature intake cones are something I added on to protect the engines air ducts. These outlets, which are located next to the throttle body and on the valve cover, used to be connected to the stock intake.



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