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What is the Apex Multichecker?

The A'PEX-i Multi-Checker features:

-: Installation :-

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-: 95+ Installation :-

If you have a 95 240 and don't read through this article, you will be very sorry...

Okay, 1st to start off, the instruction manual has NO instruction for the 95+ 240sx ecu, so I went through lots and lots of trial and error to get this working.  In the end I ended up callin Apex-I in California.

To start, heres a few tips.

Okay, now for the install

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And thats it!! Have phun!!
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I think its a very great tool for monitoring your vehicle's information.  I am very impressed.

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How do you install the APEXi Multichecker in a 89-90 Nissan 240sx SOHC.

I recommend using T-taps and female spade connectors instead of the metal connectors included with the Multichecker by apexi. They're safer and plastic coated.

1.Remove Negative battery terminal.
2.Remove the passenger side dash side lower plastic panel to gain access to the ECU.
3.Remove plastic cover and bolt that holds wire harness to ecu.
4.Use N2 illistration to find wires that must be T-Tapped to multichecker harness. Crimp female spades to multichecker harness wires(you need about 7-10 depending if you want speed govener removed).
5.Splice in T-Taps to wires on ecu harness.
6.Connect spades and multichecker harness to Ecu harness.
7.Run multichecker wire harness under carpeting to the underside of passenger seat. Connect to Apexi Multichecker black box (after useing jumper settings at the end of these instructions)
8. plug multichecker lead wire into black box and run wire under seat rails to center of center console(or wherever desired. I mounted mine directly under my CD player) useing magic sticky tape included with multichecker.
9.Reinstall wireing harness, interior panels and negative battery terminal.

Dip switch settings on black box that you hide up,up,up,up,down,down,down,up (vehicle name:Largo in instruction book)

Use the ECU wiring diagram N2 in instruction booklet

James Barrie
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