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This is how I went about putting my Blitz Full Auto Turbo Timer in my 1995 240sx 5 speed. I mounted mine in the Blitz Electronic Din Panel instead of by the steering wheel. FIRST DISCONNECT YOUR NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE!

1. After the timer is properly mounted in the Din panel, ground the 2 ground wires coming from the relay on the FATT and run the rest of that harness along the left panel, over by the steering column.

2. Connect the other harness with the 3 smaller wires to the timer. Run the purple wire to the base of the hand brake. (To do this you must remove the shift boot and console). There is 1 wire coming from the hand brake, use the tap that came via the timer, and tap into that wire somewhere between the brake and the plug it goes into.

3. Route the orange wire back along under the glove box, and down to your ECU. Use another tap, and tap it into the speed sensor wire.

4. The white wire is for Automatic cars and I did not use it.

5. Go back to the 3 prong harness you routed over by the steering. Remove the 2 covers that cover the ignition area by taking out the 6 screws on the bottom side. At this time take your 3 14 ga. pieces of wire fitted w/ a female "spade" type connector and fit them on the prongs.

6. On the backside of the key cylinder are 6 wires. Take the wire you connected to the red wire prong and tap it into the white/red wire. (this is your 12V) Next take the wire from the blue prong and tap it into the blue wire.(this is your accessory) Finally take the wire from the green prong and tap it into the red wire.(Ign. "on"). Insulate the taps with electrical tape.

7. Hide your wires and put the covers back on.

8. Reconnect the negative wire to your battery.

NOTE: Email recieved after this was made....

Just thought I'd let you know, maybe you could post it on your install page. When you hook up the wiring on a 96 or newer some of the wire colors are diffrent. for the green Ign. "on" wire dont tap into the red wire, if before the plug tap into the Black with wite stripe wire, and if after the plug, tap into the black and red stripe wire. also the speed sensor wire on the ecu is yellow with a green stripe, only one on their on mine. besides that the wire color's were the same.
George McClintock


FATT                                   Ign. Colors
Purple --- Hand Brake
Orange --- Speed Sensor
White --- Shift Lock (Auto)
Red --- 12 Volt                      WHITE/RED
Blue --- Accessory                BLUE
Green --- Ign. "on"                 RED

The timer will not come on until the ignition is in the "on" position.
Deron Payne
[email protected]

Blitz Dual Turbo Timer Operation

The timer has five modes: Boost, Peak, A-Set, Set, and Off. To cycle through them, press the power button.

Boost: Displays the current boost level. Press the MINUTE button to toggle auto-countdown mode, indicated by a small "A".
Peak: Displays the maximum level of boost achieved. Press the SECOND button to reset the current value. Press the minute button to toggle auto-countdown mode.
A-Set: Displays the countdown time to be used if you shutdown with auto-countdown activated. This value changes in real-time depending on driving condition. You cannot modify this time :(
Set: Displays the countdown time to be used in manual mode. Press the MINUTE button to cycle 0-9 minutes, press the SECOND button to toggle from 0-50 seconds in 10 second increments.
Off: Turns the unit off completely.

The unit will perform a countdown when you shut off regardless of what mode you are in, except Off.

When you shut the car off, the display will turn red and begin countdown. At this point, if you are in manual mode, you can press the MINUTE and SECOND buttons to add more time to the countdown.

Auto-mode defaults to 10 seconds. Even after running at periods of high boost I haven't seen the auto-mode indicator go above 39 seconds. It's been the consensus so far that this is not enough time... Stick with manual mode.

- Thanx Tony Wang