Wiring Side Markers



This is how I went about it.

I used the JDM 180sx side markers to do this.(but USDM markers can be wired same way)

1. remove front side markers

-for JDM conversion- you have to completely get of couples. Make sure to tape all wiring that was cut..(I.E. original park light wiring)

USDM- Just cut ground behind park light coupler and extend to front signal wire behind front coupler, you have to hard wire about 6in - 10in extra wire to extend to front turn signals. Depending on how much slack you want and how you want to run the wires

2. Remove front turn signals-

Tap your wires into stock wiring right behind where factory couplers meet. Wiring is as follows.

>From your right to left

Red with blue strip-parking signal


Green w/yellow strip-turn signals

3. Take extended wiring. And tap in the 2 outside wires. The red w/ blue & green w/yellow stripes. And you now have turning signals. Make sure you You will need to use bulb #194LL. That can be purchased at any parts store.

For the rear.

Just cut ground behind couplers and extend to turn signal wire and done.

Hazards will also work as well. And will blink simultaneously. If the right bulb is used, if not turn and hazards will alternately


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