1st gen electric fan wiring install

I believe that this is much easier than the original manually switched electric radiator fan due to the fact that it triggers the fan only when the car is on rather than relying on the driver to remember to switch the fan on and off each time he/she drives.

1. Remove the horsepower retarding mechanical fan as shown for the s14 on the 240sx.org site:


2. Zip tie radiator, electrical, etc. lines to the removed shroud's previous screw holes on the radiator.

3. Here is the fun stuff. Get some electrical wire (at least 18 gauge) and some solderless wire connector (butt connectors, etc.)

4. Clip the blue wire coming off of the electrical fan so that it is at the maximum length that it can be. Now take about 2.5 to 3 feet of your elec wire and crimp a butt connector to one end (after stripping the end of course). Crimp the other end of the connector to the blue fan wire.

5. Repeat step 4 but make the length about half and use the black (ground) wire coming from the fan.

6. Route the positive (connected to blue wire) to the fuel pump fuse located in the engine bay behind the battery.

7. The ground wire should be connected to any unpainted metal screw on the frame. I chose to ground it at the ground of the headlight.

8. Make sure nothing is in the way of the engine's pulleys or is touching the core of the radiator.

9. Finally, insert your key and turn the ignition switch to the ON mode
(do not start the car) with all accessories off. Go to the front of the car and listen for the electric fan.

NOTE: I must state that this is done at your own risk. I've been
my car like this for about a week and have only had good experiences.


Matt Defenthaler