How to wire electric fans

Was wondering if someone wants to show other people how to run the electric fan in an s-13 without using the relay. It's pretty simple. I just don't have anything to make pictures and send it to you guys. It keeps your radiator cool with the main fan taken out. If someone wants to do it, heres how i did it....

1. Took the fan off the water pump pully, (4 10mm nuts), then tightened the nuts back on.

2. Take the fan shroud off. I just took the top of the shroud off cuz' it broke when i didn't put the water pump nuts on tight enough....

3. Cut the 2 wires coming out of the electric fan. (There should be a blue wire and a black wire). I used 18 gauge wire, but around 22 gauge will work. Connect and re-wire the blue wire directly to the battery itself. Then take the black wire and ground it someplace. I brought it through and grounded it next to my clutch.

4. Cut the ground wire and throw a switch in. (Make sure to turn it off everytime you turn your car off or it will keep running).

It's a bit easier for me, just a matter of re-wiring and shoving the wires where you want them.


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