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240sx FSM and Tech Articles

NICOclub Project 240sx

Nissan 240sx convertible modifications Project 240sx Convertible

A 9-part series documenting the origins and progress of NICOclub's project 240sx Convertible... Meet The Droptop From Hell

240sx V8 Swap - Why Not?

v8 motor swap nissan 240sx

V8 Motor Swap

Swapping a V8 into a Nissan 240sx may not have seemed feasible 13 years ago when the last 240sx rolled into the U.S. However, times have indeed changed.

240sx Factory Service Manuals (FSM)

Project 240sx 'Vert

Part 1: Finding a 240sx

Part 2: Just Wheels?

Part 3: Mods Keep Coming

Part 4: Quest for more power

Part 5: Interior Mods

Part 6: Getting REAL power

Part 7: A New Beginning


Part 9: Updates

Part 10: Ksport Bags


Audio Wiring

Tech Info

Mythbusting Octane
The truth about gasoline

OEM vs. Aftermarket
Choosing the best parts

Dyno Game
Are Dyno Charts what they seem?

Air Intakes
Aftermarket Basics

Wheel Tech
Aftermarket Wheel Basics


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