ok, all the pics of engine stuff that i sent is for my project 240SX. It will
involve a bunch of pics of how the engine is set up and put together, the car that is going to be redone, all interior restoration, ect. I will give
updates, most of the time with pics. So far this is the history of whats
going on, i didn't plan on all this when i started so...the next one i do should be better. The engine came out of my old 89 240sx, it had 112k on it and had a problem with over heating when you drive. The engine was striped down and clean though out. Upon taking the enigine apart, when i went to take the head off 3 of the head bolts on the exaust side were loose enough to take off with my fingers! So that explains the overheating problem. But as a precausion, the head was shaved to ensure a tight seal with the head gasket. This will also bump up the compresion slightly. The head was fully cleaned and port matched to the intake runners. The block had some rust on the piston walls, since I felt that boring doesn't really give any power and weakins the wall, it was smoothed using medium, then fine stones. It's almost like a mirror now! The block will be cleaned up and painted gray. For now this is all thats been done. Next will be the assembly of the head.

To make a 240 that is a little more powerfull than stock, runs great,
and is still quiet and gas efficient.( whats the use? i know i know)

List of what is currently being done and whats in the near future.
Engine - The cylinder head was shaved and cleaned. Cost for shaving - $25 Cost for cleaning - $25 What should this do? Increase compression and make a good seal with the head gasket.

Entire intake and head is being port matched(not polished).Cost for
porting-$free, doing it myself.

The valves are going to be grinded down slightly and polished( as i have been told this will help reduce build up on the valves) Cost for poloshing$- free again.

The head should be assembled soon, i will have some more pics and torqe specs listed as soon as i can.

And now for the most important part! I have been looking for a 89-90 240 at some local auctions, but havn't had much luck. I hope to have one within the next 3 weeks.

More to come later!


ok, I decided to throw the the "good gas milage" (what was i thinking?)thing
out the window. I hope to do a full install of performance parts. That sounds
good but i need a car right? Not any more! i picked up 2 89 240's last week.
I think i'm gonna try diffrent things with both. But for now, i need to
finnish up this engine here. I should have some pics of the head being
assebled, the valves and cam comming soon(next week i think).

To the belief that this project was never completed:

Chris Kline was a good friend of mine, but we lost touch and he never finished his project 240. So I am taking over! Here is the true project 240 as it should have been. Featuring all kinds of bolts ons, and radical mods to scare even the SR20det owners. Cause if no one else will be the SOHC pioneer, I will take the challenge and help others out there. Please put my site on the Install 240SX website as PROJECT 240...AGAINST ALL ODDS.