The pictures have arrived! Okay, here we go...  Click on them to get full size.

This picture shows fairly early progress in the trunk. Note: to all of you scratching your head as to how to fasten a box down in your trunk--notice the gray blob inside the box. This is caulking applied over a screw that was driven into the hole that ordinarily holds the spare in. I was skeptical at first, but it works fine. Also a cute little battery mount...

crobl1.jpg (17639 bytes)


This shows a bit of progress in the trunk.

crobl2.jpg (19353 bytes)


This shows the custom rear speaker config. These are Infinity EMIT-K tweets and MB Quart mids. Cool mounting technique. Notice the dynamat-very important, grasshopper!

crobl3.jpg (17610 bytes)


This is the main reason I bought this incredible tweeter. It fits in the stock location on the dash pillar. I have yet to meet a tweeter I like better sound wise as well. There are -2dB resistors on all four tweeters in addition to having them toned down on the treble control on my head unit. These babies are so efficient and so loud!

crobl4.jpg (17622 bytes)

A straight on shot a the trunk fairly cleaned w/out flush covers up midway through the install. Also note: the yellow nylon strap to hold gel cell in place.

crobl5.jpg (19678 bytes)


This is the trunk after everything is sealed up real nice like.

crobl6.jpg (15252 bytes)


-Chris R.
'95 SE


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