Wiper Amplifier Location and Testing:


Tracing my 1991 FSM (the car is an 89'), it shows a wiper "amplifier"...and a test procedure to do a self-diagnostic. Only thing is...I can't locate the damn thing from the 1991 FSM diagram. The 91' FSM shows ABS and non ABS amplifiers....but this 89' does not have ABS...

The Nissan diagram shows a 6 wire connector and shows a self diagnostic test to verify whether or not the amplifier is functioning.
Anybody with an 89 FSM that can direct me to where the hell the wiper amplifier is ?


I have a '90, but I'm confident '89 and '90 are close enough to proceed.

You'll like this...go to the absolute rear of the car (open up the rear hatch), pull the cheesy plastic/cardboard covering material (4-6 of those friction snaps) and check for a plastic box 1"x2"x3". It should be a little lower than the "240SX" label on the rear on the light assembly. It has what looks to be a 7- wire connector in a 2x4 configuration.

The diagnostic procedure leaves a little to be desired. When looking at the unit with the snap-lock (the hole to properly insert the connector) in the up position, you should see 2 rows of 4 connectors. The FSM numbering convention is #1 for the upper left, #4 for upper right, #5 for lower left, and #8 for lower right. Like I said earlier, it looks as though the #8 is absent, making it a 7 wire connector.

Now, connect #1 and #3 to ground, #5 to 12V, and #2 and #7 across a "test lamp" - I'm assuming a 12V light will do. They have a dashed line extending from #6 to ground as well.

Patrick Hall