Eric Eskandari wrote:

My intermittent wipers are now waiting half the time they used to wipe my windshield. Is there any way I can fix this without replacing the wiper motor?



From our Factory manual we find that there is a Time Control Unit (TCU) that regulates the wiper motor. They offer 3- diff. diagnostic procedures.

1- Intermittent wiper does not operate.

2- Intermittent time of wiper cannot be adjusted.

3- Wiper and washer activate individually but not in combination.

In all cases, connections are looked at to ensure the are fitted properly.

Let's see if we can pull this off...

Remove the driver's side dash side cover (the kick panel for the driver's left foot.). Remove TCU with harness connected. (The TCU is below the chime and to the rear of the car. We are goin' by the picture in the manual)

Hold the connector of the TCU in front of you with the square tab on top. You should be looking at the side of the connector that the wires go in to. You will see two rows of 10 connections. Starting at the top left is terminal #1. To it's immediate right, on the same row, is #2. Just below terminal #1 is #11. And so on.

For the intermittent wiper volume circuit check, a resistance between 0-1 ohm is measured between terminal 14 & 15 on the harness side (where the wires go into the connector) of the TCU. Rotate the wiper knob and view the results. The ignition should be OFF.

If the circuit turns out OK, Nissan says replace the TCU.

If the circuit is N.G., check the intermittent wiper volume (IWV).

If N.G. replace wiper switch. (They don't say how to check the IWV.)

If OK, check the harness between the TCU and the IWV.

This was our best attempt to get you the procedure for when the intermittent time of wiper cannot be adjusted. We don't know if it specifically applies to your situation. We hope it helps!

Good Luck!


'91 s13