Alfred Aeschlimann writes:

Has anybody ever weighed their KA24DE engines? If so, how much did it weigh? I'm trying to determine the weight penalty of going with the VG30 swap. So far I've been told that the VG30DETT weighs 520lbs.

Any help appreciated,



O.K. gang, here's the skinny.

Weighed a KA24DE last night.Engine, pan on, no alternator, water pump in, rad hose on, no fuel rail, no valve cover, no exhaust manifold, no distributor, + 15 lb engine stand neck

309 lbs.

So basically the motor ring in around 300 lbs with no flywheel and clutch, and no alternator, pulleys, or pumps, or exhaust system.

 P.S. FEI, the stock flywheel weighed in at 21 lbs. For comparison, a 280ZX turbo unit weighs in at 23 lbs. There is not many areas to shave down the stock flywheel without costing an arm and a leg (time) and not compromising the structural integrity of

the stock designed unit.

Don Nimi