To help identify a vehicle by its VIN number see below.

JN1 H S 3 6 P X L W 000051

JN1 = Nissan passenger vehicle
H = Engine Type where H is the KA24E
S = Nissan 240SX
3 = Model change (0 to 9)
6 = Body type where 4= coupe and 6 = fastback
P = Seatbelt restraint system where S= standard and P = Automatic
X = Check digit (0 to 9 or X) where the code for the check digit is
determined by mathematical computation.
L = Model Year where L= 1990
W = Manufacture plant where W= Kyushu
000051 is the vehicle serial number.

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Rich Bjornson's killer .pdf document S-14 Model ID.pdf