Why is it that every once in a while my motor-89 sohc-my valves will tap.it comes and goes whenever it wants to.

Keep the oil changed and having the timing at 17 degrees helps some.im still going to replace  all the valves and springs with DPR pieces. Ill let ya'll know the results.

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Can the Valves on a DOHC 2.4 be adjusted.

Not too sure what everyone means by "non adjustable", because i have a '93 fastback, DOHC and im gettin ready to adjust my valve lash. true, there is no readily visable adjuster, but the 2.4 liter engine, along with the 1.6 liter engine, both utilize adjuster shims. if there is too much play between the cam and the shim, a new shim can be purchased. the job is a little tedious, calculations must be made to figure out the correct shim size. will probably post up an install once completed with pics.

Joe Mingioni
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