My car has turbo engine. Can you tell me how car adject the turbo p.s.i?

Thank you!

The easiest (cheapest) way to do this is get a manual boost controller. For this, I recommend the Greddy (Trust) TVVC manual boost controller. It sells for around $200 or less. Another suggestion(more $$$) is an electronic boost controller, like the HKS EVC. They go for around $450 -$850 (depending on the model) They work by modifiying the boost signal to the wastegate and allows it to open at a higher boost level. Both methods work well. It's just a matter of extra features and convenience. Although I prefer the EVC, I still like the TVVC very much for its simplicity. It's a very reliable device, but it takes several trial runs(on the street) to dial in the boost level. EVC on the otherhand,
can be instructed to raise the boost at the touch of a button, but I've seen some units malfunction.

Keep up the boost,

Simonizer '89 240SX Turbo 2.445 litre