Does anyone on the list have a turbo on their 240? If so what are the components I need to bolt one on to my 93 240. I know I have to rebuild the bottom end and get the turbo and manifold, but what else to make it all work?

Lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ and TIME.

  1. proper sized turbocharger
  2. robustly constructed turbo manifold (high nickel cast iron, thick mild
  3. steel, 302 stainless, or superexpensivebutbulletproof- inconel)
  4. custom Intercooler
  5. custom intake piping, also silicone joint hoses w/clamps
  6. wastegate (preferably external)
  7. bypass valve (also called blow-off valve)
  8. custom downpipe and free flow turbo exhaust
  9. braided hoses/fittings to route oil&H2O to turbo
  10. boost guage (a must)
  11. turbo timer *optional*
  12. boost controller *optional*
  13. heat management accessories (ceramic coating or shielding & wraps)
  14. high capacity fuel pump
  15. colder plugs (6 or 7 heat range)
  16. high quality fasteners

LOW BOOST/BUDGET: rising rate fuel pressure regulator or additional injector controller w/ additional injectors(for Xtra fuel under boost), boost dependent timing retard (to run more timing for cruising & less for boost), good running motor w/ no heat or detonation problems.

HIGHER BOOST/$$$: higher capacity injectors w/custom ROM tune or stand-alone engine management system (tune fuel and timing curves), forged pistons and upgraded rods, O-ringed block (recommended), etc. (as $ permits)

Just because the parts can be sourced doesn't mean it can be done. One needs to have a good working knowledge of turbocharging or it can be a complete disaster. If you do it right, it's truly a remarkable piece of machinery. If it's Mickey Mouse'd, it's a complete waste of $$$$$ and time.


Comment 0n turbocharging your KA24DE

It is very important for a tubocharged engine to have a fuel regulator and/or a fuel pump in the setup, because it will have the problem of running too rich or too lean, which will cause bogging and sputtering at high rpm's at over the stock pound of boost. That would be a problem if the car was going to race on the track because it would cause detonation for a high set boost.(7 psi and up).

Angie King
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