I am having a terrible problem with the trunk lid of my 95 rattling. I think it is comming from were the lock rests on the eye.  The trunk is seating properly and the rubber stoppers are in place. Any suggestions. Thanks.......

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Re. 1

Try moving the locking mechanism down by loosening the nuts/bolts on l & r sides of the assmbly...

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Re. 2

The rattle might be the stock jack hitting the inside of the inside of the rear right quarter panel. Try messing with it, I had the same noise awhile back. Hope this helps.

Michael Q
95' 240sx se
relocated battery to the trunk
relocated air box to the stock battery position
K & N cleaning element
San Francisco, CA

Re. 3

My '95 had the same problem. I suspect I caused it by overloading the trunk and forcing the lid closed. Needing a reason to claim some warranty repair (my car had 200 miles left on the warranty), I took it to the Nissan dealer. I was advised that I had a bent striker plate and it was promptly repaired. Cost to me: $0

Jimmy C