I own a 1990 240SX and the transmission is slipping. I've had it repaired twice but it still jerks into first and second gear, especially when the engines cold. Is there anything I can do?

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I don't know all the technicalities of auto trannies, but a lot of racers that i know that drive auto tranny cars give great ratings about having a performance upgrade done on   your tranny. I'm not just talkin about upgrading your torque converter, but increasing  the line pressure also. The results are that you will recieve crisper, faster, more  responsive shifting, with more efficient power transfer to the wheels, and better gas  mileage. It tends to be smoother also. If you are spending a lot of money already to  remedy the problem, this may be an alternative. I did run into hard shifting problems in  my mom's van before also. The Idle was held too high, forcing damage to the engine  mounts. The damaged engine mounts allowed excessive movement of the engine during shifts  and caused jerky shifting. I would check the condition of all the mounts from your  engine to your tranny. It may also be  a good idea to check all your driveline components to make sure nothing is loose. I had a 83 celica   that had a driveshaft that was loose  that caused some irregular shifting. And this was in a 5 speed. Hope this helps!

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Ya know mine does the samething when it is cold too. I'm using some Redline ATF works great. Make sure the fluid level is good.

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90 240SX

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Check out the throttle position sensor wiring. If the sensor is not working, it'll give you similar symptoms.

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What was repaired? Nissan does not encourage repairing their transmissions. Also, if you use anything but Dextron II fluid, they tend to slip. Sounds like your valve body is messing things up.

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