Why is my tranny so hard to re-install after I replace the clutch

I have a 95 240 all stock and recently had the clutch replaced after 89k. The tranny came out easily after a little twisting and turning, but when it came time to reinstal the tranny after the clutch replacement it would not go in. First take my advice before you try to reinstall the tranny remove the crank shaft position sensor that is on the top of the bell housing. When you try to re-install the little metal shield that is over the sensor hits the firewall. and will not allow the tranny to go into the pilot bearing. After trying it the hard way (with the sensor in place) for almost two hours and a lot of sweat. I removed the sensor and found it to be broken in half beacause of my efforts. After a quick trip to the dealer for the new sensor (only one within 500 miles) and about $50.25 missing out of my wallet the tranny went right in (without the sensor in place).

After the tranny replacement the sensor goes in relatively easy with the help of some streaching and gifted fingers from below the car.
The moral of this story is save yourself some money and remove the sensor before you try to replace the tranny. Mark

Mark Bricker
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Q- Why is it so hard to put the 5 sp tranny back in a 95sx after a clutch job?

For one, the crank positioning sensor is in the way. I broke one (43.00) when installing the tranny.You have to take the sensor out before you install the tranny and put it back in from the top after the tranny is back in.

For two, it is very advisable to loosen the engine mounts and jack up the front of the engine so you can get the tranny and the engine in the proper alignment. If you don't, and the tranny is allowed to rest bearing the weight on the input shaft, it will bend. It was only 2 mm, but the result will be new input shaft (remodified), new main shaft and all new bearings in the tranny. only after about 1000 miles. It cost me 1600.00 to get a shop to do it. A new tranny from Nissan U.S. is 2200.00. From Canada it is about 1500.00 U.S. So make sure the whole tranny is supported correctly.

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