Osman Ullah writes:

I change my tranny oil yesterday. Like some list members said, I filled it by the shift lever. You have to removed the lever but it's still pretty fast and easy.

How do you do this?




It's easy:

1- Unscrew the shifter knob
2- Pop up the radio and shifter trim to remove the "leather"boot Clips hold the plastic trim around the radio and the shifter. 2 clips at the rears of the shifter, 2 between the shifter and the radio, and 2 at the top of the radio.Use your hand to unclip the rear ones by grabbing the trim through the shifter hole and pull up. Then unclip the ones around the radio.
3- Unscrew four 10mm bolt to remove the body-to-shifter rubber boot.
4- Cut the lower tie-wrap that hold the tranny-to-shifter boot.
5- Under the tranny-to-shifter boot, you have to remove the inner snap ring that hold the shifter. Long nose pliers work fine for this job.
6- Pull the shifter out.
7- Use a funnel to pour oil into the shifter hole. Assembly is the reverse procedure. You need a new tie-wrap. In total there is 3 boots to remove: The visible "leather" boot, the body-to-shifter rubber boot and the tranny-to-shifter rubber boot. Then a snap-ring to remove and your done.

Watch out for oil spill!

Richard Lestage