If you want a quality engineered clutch, I SERIOUSLY recommend ACT (Advanced Clutch Technology). They offer a redesigned pressure plate which offers 50% more clamping force than stock. Here is the specs:

ACT p#: N-012 89-96 240sx. Increase in torque over stock: 50%
Torque Capacity with street (better than CenterforceDF) disk: 267 ft. lbs.
Torque Capacity with comp.(High copper metalic-BAD ASS)disk: 342 ft. lbs.

The price is VERY reasonable. They use the best materials around and the pressure plate is a proprietary design. These guys are the original developers for RPS TurboClutches and STILLEN aka Clutch Masters.
They will ship any where. Give them a call: Advanced Clutch Technology-(805) 947-7791 FAX(805) 272-1575 Talk to: DIRK STARKSEN
And mention my name: SIMON KIM-crew chief for DAVE SHIH.

If you are planning on a "CENSELESS" FORCE Dual Fiction, you're missing out on a quality engineered clutch and paying a couple of hundred dollars more. I think of Centerforce as the same league as the SPLITFIRE plugs. Anyways, talk to Dirk about Centerforce, he'll tell you the inside (marketing ploys) scoop on those units. Did you know CF DF is not actually dual friction? As you know, one side is full-face organic. But the other side is actually a cosmetically "enhanced version of the organic side? They chop the full faced organic material into small sections, flip it over and they treat it with orange dye powder. After
that, they are bonded to the disk and arranged to look like a metallic comp units. The "thermal resin" that they talk about is just a marketing slogan. Even a Yugo's clutch disk contains thermal resins... BTW, the organic disk street disk that ACT uses is a much higher grade than the CF DF's. Porche uses it! I hope you make the call...

SIMON. plan to install my ACT COMP disk soon...

"Simon J. Kim" <[email protected]>