I'd like to ask you all how you feel about the throttle response of 240s. It might be only me, but there seems to be .1 to .2 sec lag on my throttle. This may not sound much, but recalling from my 81 280ZX (again ^_^) that I had before, they were much more responsive and quicker. I'm currently running stock air box (HKS on it's way, which should improve the response), and I have cleaned the entire intake path up to throttle body.



"Tip-in-retard" This is something that Nissan programmed into the ECU. At large throttle openings and low rpm (coming off idle, etc.) there is a 1/4 sec change in the ignition timing where it is retarded by 8 degrees. This info came from Clark Steppler at JWT. He said it was a carryover from the early days of the ECU's in Nissans and was no longer needed. This is one of the things that is eliminated with the Wolf chip. Nothing is wrong with your car. When you first chip your car it is one of the things you more bog.

Shawn Clark

91 SE