Bill Davis writes:

Kris, I think that the SOHC TPS are on-off switches. I had my idle start jumping up then start to come back down. It did this for a while until 2 weeks ago it idled at 2100RPMs. It turned out to be that my cruise control cable tightened up causing a VERY slight open throttle. I bought a new TPS before I figured this out (dough!!) My idle was a touch higher than normal (@200RPM) so I turned the idle down a bit and it's been idling great.

Good luck,



That's right. The switches connector is the one right on the TPS. One switch for full throttle (not used) and one for the idle. Adjust the TPS in order to make the switch toggle when the throttle is depressed. Check for continuity between the middle terminal and the other to find the correct terminal pairing.

The connector on the harness is for the variable resistor.

Richard Lestage