I am going to replace my suspension with the 1.75 Intrax springs and Tokico shocks/struts this saturday. Is there any thing trickey that I should know first??????????

I just dont want to be completley dumbfounded considering that I don't have a manual. Can anyone assist??????

Kyle Bennett
93' S-13 KA24DE
Charlotte NC


First, rent or buy a spring compressor (simple mechanical device to slowly pull/compress the springs) from a local parts store, or take the struts/springs down to a shop and have them dis-install/install the springs for you. They usually have nice hydraulic units that do one in 30 seconds. I'll say the obvious, compress the springs, attach the safety rings, THEN unscrew the top spring plate. I personally had a little trouble getting the rear struts (the bottom attachment) back on the bottom bolt. You will probably see what I'm talking about when you get there.  Other than that, it's a very smooth job. There are 5 nuts/bolts holding the front struts and 3 holind the rear struts. The '90's have a little access port in the interior carpet/cardboard stuff to allow access to the two nuts holding the rear struts up. I ripped all that stuff out to save a little weight and provide more room, but you should be okay to keep it stock looking and still reach the necessary nuts. A little note: The front struts play a role in alignment of the wheels, so after replacing the set, a trip to the alignment shop won't hurt.


Re. 2

I just replaced the rears on my '90, and you are right. It is a bitch to get the shock back onto the bottom stud. I ended up using my floor jack to compress the whole unit once the top bolts were inplace (but not tight). I then had to jimmy it around until it lined up with the stud. Once it was in line, I then jacked it up until the hole was lined up. Finally got it into place. The way they are positioned in the wheel well, you cannot leave the compressor tool on it while installing it, so this is the only way I found to do it. Probably not the safest, but it worked.