Many 240sx with manual sunroofs experience slight leakage or whistling. If you experience this, try the following options to correct the problem:

1) Remove the two screws that attach the handle to the glass mounting bracket and insert a washer on the bolt. Then reinstall the nut and handle and the clamping force should be more now, helping to seal the sunroof tighter to the roofline. Note: start off by inserting single small washers at a time and add more until it gets the job done.

2) Replace or add rubber weather striping available from your local hardware store.
3) Turn up your radio (most effective).

Most drivers agree that over about 80-90mph the whistling is inevitable.

Chris L.
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I can't take credit for the procedures listed above. It's a combination of
member feedback, thanks guys ! (and gals!).

Re. 2


I leave in Argentina and brought my 240SX '90 from the USA in 1994. I always travel at 110-130 mph (disconected the govenor) on the highways.

I tried adding washers to my sunroof bolt handles but still it will wistle a lot!!. The solution I use is to pre-open slightly the handle to open the sunroof as if you were going to open it but not enough that it will unlock the sunroof. By doing this, you will get the tightest possible pull pressure to hold tight the sunroof to the car roof minimizing the wisthleing noise. Remember just pull the sunroof handle a little bit to a position in between closed and open and it works great !.

Tip: you may want to add a spacer between the handle and the roof. Sometimes, if you take rough roads the handle may go back to close posistion or open the sunroof and you will have to do it again. The spacer will prevent the plastic handle to go all the way to close position. Myself, I place a plastic photo film cover... it is just the right size spacer.

Andres Peluffo
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Another Solution

To fix a whilstling sunroof, pop off the plastic cover on the roof of the cars interior, where the handle pops in. There is a metal bracket held on by 2 screws. loosen the screws, push the bracket back, and tighten them again. (FSM, pg BF-71 for '91). Put the plastic cover back on, ssnap the handle on, and (hopefully) no more whistle!

Name: Joe Krill
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