Starting of car slowly deteriorates (over, say a period of months)

It could be the clutch interlock switch (obviously, only for a 5sp). When it goes, the car won't start and there's nothing you can do but replace it. You should try to detrmine if your starter is bad by running a jumper cable from the pos terminal of your battery to the starter solenoid. If the starter starts cranking its a good chance that it's your relay causing the problem.

Part# is: SW ASSY - STOP LA 25325 - D4000

Should run no more that $15 or so. Installation is pretty simple, requiring only a 9/16 open end wrench to loosen the nut behing the mounting bracket. Mount the new switch and then plug the wiring into the rear of the swich. The switch is grounded by the bracket, so the switch has to be mounted in order to work.

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Has anyone had problems with their car not starting, but the starter is fine?

I (not having a manual at this time) found it was a bad relay and I replaced it with a 1 inch piece of wire with male connectors on each end. It was located to the finder side of the battery by all the headlight wires. I inserted it and have had no starting problems for 3 years, until now. I cleaned the connectors and electrical taped the wire up. This is a very cheap solution if anyone has had this problem.

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Subject: Won't start.

Starter Replacemnt 92 240sx

Start by loosening your lugnuts on the front passenger tire. Jack up the car remove the tire. At this time be sure to remove battery connectons.

Slide underneath your car and there is one bolt visible from here. It's a 9/16 socket. Remove this bolt. Next open your hood and look for your starter directly under your intake manifold. There is another bolt above the one you already removed. The only way to get to this is a 9/16 socket with no extension. This is also a good time to remove the connections to your solenoid. The conection is hidden under a blak cover much like the one for your positive battery terminal. Position yourself so you can see st least a slight bit of this bolt as it is very hard to see from underneath the car. Remove this bolt carefully as it is all that is holding the starter in place. After you have removed this and the starter is loose it should drop straight out. Installation is self explanatory. I removed the starter just like i described it here in a little over 25 minutes. And i do suggest getting a NEW starter. You can check Http:// They have new starters for 40 bucks. My ! reman gear reduction starter cost me $129 bucks. Have fun, email with any questions.

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Why wont my car act like it wants to start

I have an 89 240 SX that just recently had a problem with its starter. I took the starter to an auto shop to get tested for proper functioning. It was put on the machine and the machine measured amps and all that good stuff. It turned out that the starter was drawing about 7 to many amps. Now to test it yourself, you can just bypass the cylinoids to test for functioning. In any case I'm up and running again. Hope this helps someone. enjoy the world of 240's guys/girls!

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Difficult to start

Several months ago I purchased a 93 SE for my 16 yr old daughter. Great car but it was difficult to start particularly when cold. I searched the web for help and found your site. Very nice web site by the way. I received many tips for my problem but unfortunately, not the one I needed. I did however learn where to buy the FSM and did so. After many hours (of many days) and checking almost every component under the  hood, still no luck. I finally broke down and put the car in the local Nissan dealer's shop. (I never do this, but I was desperate) Three days later I got the car (and the problem) back and left the "so called"  Nissan mechanic scratching his head. After a couple more late nights in my shop I was reading through the FSM over super and found the "start signal circuit " in the component check-out section. The 10 amp fuse in this circuit was missing. Probably robbed for the radio by a previous  owner. Disappointing thing was this circuit is not mentioned in any of the diagnostic sections for "hard starting". I'm writing this directly to you because I'm no longer a member of the group. My email forwards to my pager and it had become a problem  with all of the messages coming in. Please add this to the FAQ section and maybe it will save someone many headaches.

Chuck Wright