How come the front brakes squeek on my 1992 240sx when ever they are wet and sometime they squeek when they are dry. The pads are not woren. I heard that the front brake calipers can get lose and cause this, and that nissan will fix this problem through a previous recall. has any else heard or experienced this?


Sweaking is actually a high pitched vibration that we hear. If you remove the pads and buy some brake sweak remover(its actually presurized rubber vapor) spray it on the back of the pads. The non contact side is the back of the pads. It absorbs the vibration and wha la the sweak is gone....

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Re. 2

YES!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRGHHHHH!!!!!!! I HATE NISSAN BRAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The freaking things are made of play dough! Try a few hot laps around your local back-roads and voiala! BIG TIME BRAKE FADE! Furthermore, the rotors are too vulnerable to warpage. I don't know how many times in the past two years I've had to service my rotors. Also, the stock pads are made of cr&p...squeeling going forward and chattering in reverse. Its almost as if the things were in agony.

The only thing I can recommend is to get high quality pads such as Metal Matrix by Axxis. I've tried these pads recently and they have proven to be indestructible. I had previously used Raybestos pads and found that besides fading rather quickly, they also generate a great deal of smoke.

*NOTE* My vehicle still has stock whell rims (the steel wheels)not alloys. So, perhaps with some alloy wheels the comments I've made will seem exaggerated.

Anibal Betanzos,
1992 240sx DS
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Re. 3

I used to have that problem. Try going with braide3d brake lines and a performance high temp brake fluid (non silicone). Also, try using metallic pads - I use Metal Masters. You can also try adding ducting off the fron air dam to the callipers - remove the heat shields too.

Don - 1990 240SX
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Yet Another

Brent Lykins writes:

When I'm slowly rolling, my brakes are making this squealing sound every time the tire rotates. Also, the brakes squeal when I step on them. Only 8,000 miles on new pads, and they are not worn at all. Do you think some of that crap you spray on them will take care of all my problems?




Here's what I do when I get that kind of symptom. Or every 6- months which ever comes first :-)

1. Sand the pad with block of wood (for flatness) lightly.
2. Round the edges of the pads. (no physical explanation why but it's a trick I learned 7-8 yrs ago and kind of sank into my fingers. Seems to help :-))
3. clean 'em with brake cleaner.
4. Apply the "brake quiet" Richard is talking about in between the pad and the shim. Also, make sure to apply high temp grease on all edges that contact the caliper.
5. Set it all back and let it dry.
6. For first 2-30 miles, go easy on the brakes to break-in and develop a "touch". If this doesn't do it, I'd suspect the caliper piston operation (possible clean up) or rotor warpage.