I have a 91 240SX SE with a factory "foam" rear spoiler. It is warping badly, despite daily car covering. I contacted NISSAN and they said they are not experiencing the same problem universily. Every 240 I look at, has the same problem = warping, pulling away from the hatch lid and slight rusting at the fasteners. Anybody else with me???? Can we get some NISSAN action for replacement?

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I have the same problem, in fact I just removed my spoiler yesterday and the fasteners were in poor shape. I am going to solve the problem by getting an up-level spoiler as soon as I find one that I like. Any suggestions guys? I want one that is conservative. It needs to look like it could have come from the factory. Does anyone know where I can find some pics? thanks

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Sorry, but this doesn't affect safety or drivability. Take the nasty thing off anyway, it's only there for looks.

BTW, did all coupes come with the 3rd brakelight/spoiler combo? I want my wing off.

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Noticed the prior posts on decklid spoilers and Nissan knows there's a problem with the early decklids and foam spoilers (Hmmmm....no more hatchback models?). I haggled with Nissan about my "warped" spoiler and rust on the deck lid. Eventually they agreed to split the cost of replacing both (my 1989 was out of warranty - argued that rust isn't spontaneous and it started during the warranty period). The Nissan dealer (Fla) agreed that it's a problem, especially near the coast or in winter zones (salty). Plus a tip - paint the spoiler in place after installing it to avoid any clear coat cracks if the "fit is tight" which it should be to avoid leaks into the trunk.

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I had the same problem with my 90' 240. It got so bad that it fried my reverse lights. Water was leaking all over in the trunk,
created a HUGE flood where the spare sits. One day my father suggested on putting clear silicon on the part where the water
slides down, along back of the spoiler, make sure to put a few coats to make it secure. Hey it worked! If your a lazy person
like me. (it was a bitch trying to take it off...) You can get a tube of CLEAR SILICON at your local auto part store. Cost=

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Ummm. Taking the spoiler off wont hurt anything. But spoilers do help your car handle. Its all about areodynamics. Its not totally just for looks. Just thought Id add that in since someone said it wont affect anything if you take it off.
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