NGK plugs and wires are the best ignition combination for the Nissan 240sx.  Don't bother trying Splitfires or platinum plugs, the Nissan engine is tuned to and best runs on NGK products.  The blue NGK wires are available from NOPI for about $25. NOPI's phone numbers are (800) 277-6674 and (404) 366-4700. NGK plugs are readily available and competitively prices at your local Nissan Dealership. An NGK V-cut racing plug is also available and recommended, yet it is difficult to find at most auto parts stores.

Chris Linthicum
'90 240sx 143k
[email protected]

Set your plug gap to 1.0 - 1.1 mm.

Are NGK the best wires for the 240sx?

I use Accel 300+ wires(#7940Y) (they were just made available a little while ago) they definitely perform better than my old NGK wires. I am using them along with bosch plugs, and a crane coil.

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