A Cheap (NO COST) Meathod For a Pseudo-Shift Kit in 2 easy steps!!!! ;)

 1- Locate the resistor (official name unknown) mounted over left front wheel well by the edge of the engine bay. It is a grey socket with some wires attached, right next to the airbox.

attrix1.jpg (53271 bytes)

 2- Detach! Press tab and slide it right out of the socket, and tuck the loose end underneath the socket.

attrix2.jpg (50878 bytes)


 I assure you there is absolutely no downside to this trick at all.. Everything has a tradeoff, and in this case of us it is a positive one. The unit's purpose is to regulate the transmission fluid pressure, to soften the shifting for comfort purposes... We however differ from the general public and delight in the feel of sport and performance..

 Before you do it:

I suggest driving down the road to the nearest gas station, really paying attention to just how soft and unexcitingly the automatic transmission shifts, how much lag there is shifting between gears... Focus on it it now, for things are about to change...

 Pull into the gas station, pop your hood, and disconnect the socket as shown: "Plink!"

Get back into the vehicle, depress brake and move shifter into Drive.. Immediately notice and feel the "Thump" as the car drops into gear...This is about to feel GOOD... :) Pull back out onto road and accelerate as usual... Anticipate each shift, and savor the total lack of lag... relish in the immediate engaging of each gear, sharply and crisply... The slight head-jerk with each exciting upshift...

Its a whole new world, for those previously bored to death with their comfy automatic trannys... Enjoy the Ride

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