It has been a while since y'all have suffered our Manual postings. We would like to hear from ANYBODY who finds these manuals at a better price! Thanks, A&W


We would like to clarify that these are FACTORY SERVICE MANUALS. They are copyrighted by Nissan Motor Co., LTD and printed in Japan (written in English fortunately!) Dyment does the distribution here in the states.


Genuine Nissan Service Manuals:

Dyment Distribution Services
20770 Westwood Road
Strongsville, OH. 44136
(800) 247-5321

240SX Service Manual Prices: (As of January 1998)

'89 = $63
'90-'94 = $73
'95 = $93
'96 = $107
'97-'98 = $119
'92-'94 Convertible Supplement = $48

There isn’t any s&h. If you have the manual sent to CA. or OH. you will pay applicable sales tax.. They will take a credit card.


>From Calvin Ngo:

I just picked up a '91 service manual from the dealer:
$50.55 Canadian + PST/GST (about $37 US)

The price from Dyment was $73 US. Don't know what shipping and
handling will cost though.

Village Nissan (Toronto, Canada)
Direct Parts Line (905) 477-5992

Another place to try

240sx manual cheap!!!

I recently purchased a '89 240 factory service manual on E-Bay, for $36.50. In excellent condition. In the short time i've been on their website I have seen at least five 240 manuals for under $50.

Jared Agee
Email: [email protected]