My seat back is broken!, it will not come up all the way and I drive way too reclined, how do I fix or replace it.

Apperently this is a common problem, the local wreckers yard told me he gets calls all the time about seats for the 240sx, cost for used seat with 9 years of someone elses ass sweat in it $50-$100, price of back frame only from those wankers at Nissan Sunnyvale $147.00, fix the problem yourself, FREE... here's how:

You could do this in the car if you are the size of a kid, otherwise just bite the bullett and take both front seats out of the car, (where the hell did all these shriviled up french fries come from!!!), Wash hands, now would also be a good time to shampoo all the seats and floor. remove the covers from both seats by bending the bindng rings open and unzipping the seatback covers, remove the bolts (2 each side) from the base of the seatback, Switch seatbacks and bolt into place, note: you may notice that the left side of the drivers frame is all chewed up, when you switch it to the passenger side the pivot control point will be on the right side and vise-versa, Replace covers and secure binding rings at base of seaback, re-install seats into car.

That's it!
Extra tip: put a Bounce® sheet under the seat to kill almost any smell in the car!!!

90 240SX coupe

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