I've got a 91 240sx manual and I've got a problem when I reverse. At random times when I reverse there is a loud crashing noise. It sounds as if the tire is rubbing against the wheelwell or I'm crashing into someone. Can someone help me?

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Re. 1

You can try checking your brake pads, they might be worn pretty bad.

Re. 2

My 91 240SX coupe, 5spd. has the same grinding sound when I reverse. It does not always happen, but often enough to cause some concern. It could be my break pads, I'll find out soon when I get them changed.  Also, when I stop quickly, or make a quick go into first I get a 'pop' sound from under the mid-rear section of the car. It happens most often  when I shift from reverse to first, or vice-versa. Could it be the joint in my drive shaft?


If you are still having the Reverse Noise on the 240sx, Look at the pins that caliper uses to hold the (what I call) forks around the outside brake pad. Mine are loose as if they have shrunk. I have yet to replace them, but that is the most logical thing that I could come up with since they are loose. I think the pins are called Caliper pins. I you have fixed the problem let me know if you could, mine is still doing it.

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