Once the window crank "C" clip is removed (yellow dot), The job is easy. There is a special tool for this but it can be done with a small screwdriver. All the clips I have seen (unless removed before) are aimed such that the open part of the "C" points toward the knob on the crank. Take this off first. The green dots show the screw locations and the red dots show where to use your fingers. The bezel around the inside release lever snaps off but I have broken 1 of the 4 clips on mine so try not to rip too hard. The inside door handle needs to come out. It too will lift out (once the screw in it is removed) with some force. you should not need a pry bar to remove these plastic parts. remove both screws and the bezels and then pull away from the door at the bottom. The lower red dots show places the door is recessed for an easy grip. Once the bottom is free, slide the panel up to unhook it at the top.

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