A ram air sytem would seem to be the dirt cheap way of boosting air
intake... Has anyone tried this? I suppose you would use a separate filter
element for the AIV system and need to keep moisture out with a trap of some
sort. Any takers?

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I have a 93 Fastback. I tried once before to have a sorta ram-air type setup and this is what happened. Well, I first had a 3" chrome intake tube custom made to replace the plastic one and I ran an Air-Vantage (foam element) filter with a laundry/dryer exhaust tube (from a local hardware store) ramming air from the vent under the left front headlight. I cut the sheet metal hole, where the stock air box used to be, a little bigger. The ram air caused one big problem! At high speeds 75+, the air flow would disrupt the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) and cause the car to even die out on the freeway (if you clutch or leave the car in neutral). Try taking out the air box and start your car. Then blow into the MAF and you'll see what I mean. I personally dealt with this by not letting the car roll in neutral at high speeds. Hope that helped! Good Luck!


As far as ram air is concerned, I hav set up a makeshift Ramair on my 91 240sx with absolutely no problems. I am not quite sure if the Ram air effect is there or not, but I have gained 2 miles an hour on my 1/4 mile speed. It may just be the fact that my engine is recieving cooler air. But in any case, I set up the intake using an adapter made to fit the MAF, then some flexible intake part from the local auto parts store. I cut a 3 inch hole through the sheet metal where the small hole for the resonator  used to be. I had a muffler shop make a 5 inch long 3" dia. pipe with mounting brackets. I then attached the flexible intake piping from the MAF to this pipe. Then underneath, another flexible pipe is  attatched to the other end of this pipe to the air filter. I used an HKS power flow filter and made a bracket to hold it up. It is directed straight at the opening underneath the parking light.

To anyone else who wants to try this kind of setup, I will make a few suggestions. Don't get the flexible INTAKE piping mixed up with  flexible piping made for the ventilation systems. The intake piping material is thicker and will last much longer. I had used the ventilation piping before, and it developed tears within a week.   Another thing to keep an eye out for is to make sure airflow is entering the MAF as smooth as possible. I have noticed that Nissan MAF's are very sensitive to turbulence. An 89 Maxima i had worked on before stalled anytime I took the filter off. I have thought about the idea of somehow integrating the factory velocity stack into this system, but since I haven't had any problems to date, it is still only a thought.  The only problems with this is flooding. You must be really careful not to get flood water into your intake(this applies to any car). So far I have driven through 6 inch deep water with no problems, and my car is lowered about 2.5 inches in the front. So it isn't too bad. There is  also a slight problem with smog checks(CA). I am currently still looking forsomeone to overlook it. I have gotten some weird responses from mechanics.

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How do I do ram air without any problems?


I have a 93 nissan 240sx, and I have always wondered what ram air would do, so I thought I would try it one day. I went to my
local Lowe's and bought a six foot long 21/2"shop vac tubing, and one of those rectangular shaped funnels most shop vacs have.
So far, all I have done was one vent under my parking lights, but plan on doing both before it is all done with. Ok here's the
easy part. I took the air box off underneath the driver side fender, and where it plugged into the intake I pulled the hose
through it and connected it there, the 21/2" tubing worked perfectly, it fit right on with an air tight seal. It is very hard,
and very flexible plastic, so it will last a very long time. I ran the tube in between the radiator, and front clip, where it
could not be seen, and am looking forward to doing my other vent. I am not sure if I have made a difference or not, but my
friend noticed some pick up in my car, he too has a 240sx, but his is an 89, anyway. I have cruised at !
110-120 mph, with no stall outs or any problems what so ever, I hope I have helped anyone out. Thanks Jam240sx

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