Just today I picked up my JWT Pop charger from a performance shop in town and before installing it I noticed in the instructions that a seperate filter is needed for the AIV. Is this something that should have come with the kit itself(which I payed 150$ for) or do I need to buy that separately. I've tried 3 different performance shops in town and none of them have the filter in stock, nor do they intend on putting them in stock...what should I do? please help....

Chad '90 240SX fastback

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The Stillen Kit (which is virtually identical to the JWT kit, because Stillen "borrowed" the design) comes with the AIV filter... well, actually when you order you have to specify that you need it...

[email protected] asked me which one I needed when they gave me their hi-flow (as partial reparation for detaining my car). I knew that I needed it so I told him (because I previously installed my own variation of a K&N setup, complete with AIV filter (about $15).

Ok here goes.. I'm gonna give a full-blown review for the Stillen Kit.reatil price about $179 (mine was free).

Looks/Finish: (8) Its an attractive K&N filter with a chrome end to the cone. The (aluminum?) Stillen velocity stack looks nice too.

k&n-1.jpg (7442 bytes)k&n-2.jpg (6563 bytes)k&n-3.jpg (7005 bytes)

Install/Fit: (7) Fits well except for one thing... the Air temp sensor must be screwed into the provided holes at the end of the cone, but the stock wiring harness prevents it from being stretched that far. Solution? get some scissors and remove the wound electrical tape that is holding parts of this wire to a nearby harness.. you should get JUST enough length to make it to the end of the filter... Intructions were a bit vague and were not vehicle specific.

Performance (10) compared to my previous setup I noticed no difference in performance, so how can I complain? Sound at WOT is much improved over stock, as is a little throttle response in the higher RPMS

Overall (8) is it worth the price? well, lets just say that the WT setup does the SAME THING for up to $50 less... so you decide... I like it and it didn't cost me a dime, so I'm happy. :)

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Another Responce

    I bought an HKS super mega flow intake and just had it installed on my 90 240sx. When I pulled out into the road the sound blew me away! It wasnt loud and zippy sounding like some..ahem...smaller displacement japanese cars but a deep powerful sound when I put the gas down. It took about an hour to install and only cost 40 bucks. (labor rates my vary of course) It comes with all parts and instructions if you know what your doing, I didnt so I had it put on by a machine shop. Anyway the power gain is pretty good, you will definetly notice a difference 2000-4500 rpm, take off is faster too. I had people staring at me when I drove by them. I dont have any kind of custom exhaust or anything, just a stock exhaust (for now) and the sound is one of the best Ive heard from any import car (ive heard anyway) coming just from an intake. So if your looking for a good intake at a great price look into the HKS super mega flow, or the HKS super power flow (I think there one in the same, look ! the same, and the prices are the same too.)    HKS intake 160.00 Shipping from the site I got it from (www.mhautomotice.com) 25.00 Took about 15 days to get  here, but it was worth the wait!  All together it cost me about 230.00 including installation. Looks very nice on the engine too!   ...now go race a honda with there bumble bee exhausts.

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