Poor Performance Issues

I wife has had a 240SX since 1995.

A friend with a Mustang encountered 2 years of Gremlin chasing underhood for general poor performance issues. Turns out, a mechanic he goes to in frustration saved him selling the car by fixing it... the guy spends 5 minutes and $1 of carb cleaner on the mass air meter, and the car is all better. The meter was fouled by excess oil from the K&N filter is the explanation offered.

Our 240SX has also had driveability issue, and nothing seemed to cure it. Stumbled, died sometimes, hard to start on hot days, wouldn't pull good through the RPMs, surges, balkiness, you name it. I cleaned the meter last night (attached to the air box on our '91) and now it is purring like a kitten, runs stronger, and after some more drive time I should be able to tell if the mileage has improved. This is after jacking with the IAC, new O2 sensor, plugs, wires, and lots of frustration in general trying to find loose wires, dirty connectors, etc for over 3 years!

I cleaned the meter after my 4 year old and I changed the oil, and then had to reset the then high idle back down to normal. The car is running great from what I can tell... I am driving it to work and back to further evaluate the success of the fix.

This was such an easy fix, I'll never touch an engine again without FIRST

cleaning the mass air meter if so equipped. I feel really dumb at this

point if in fact the fix was so easy and inexpensive.

Every EFI owner in the world regardless of make or model should know this FAQ... and if it is already posted, please forgive.

Here's the kicker... we have the car essentially sold, and the purchaser is supposed to meet us in the next 1-2 weeks to buy the car. The timing sucks, but the sense of satisfaction is so good right now!

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