Many people that need inexpensive parts for their cars reley on junk yards to get the stuff.  But what happens if the junkyard dont have any 240's?  Well this is what we came up with:

A late first gen. 300ZX LSD will fit but it's not an easy swap. You cannot swap the entire housing but only the internal planetary gear unit. The external housing is different, the ring gear and pinion are different. After the swap you need shims to adjust the ring-pinion teeth contact. Better have it done by a pro. The 240sx unit is a viscous type while the 300zx is clutch type except the 300zx SE which is viscous also. One better than another? I don't know. 200SX V6 also have a R200 diff.

Steering wheel from late 80's to early 90's Nissan Pulsar (NX) will fit on my 93 240. No modifications were needed. Neither car had cruise control.