The odometer in my 90 240SX fails intermittently, there are days when it marks the mileage ok, but then there are days when it won't move. I try resetting the odo, but sometimes it will start counting the miles, and sometimes it doesn't. What could be the cause? Is it repairable or do I have to replace the instruments? Thanks in advance for any help. Arturo Toscano


First is the speedo working all the time? If it is you will probably have to take the dashboard apart Once you get the face off pull out the gauge cluster, remove the connectors clean them off and put them back, put the cluster back with just a enough screws to hold it in place. Drive the car maybe a day like this  to see if it fixed the problem. Make sure to pop the hazard switch out of the faceplate and plug it in to the wire harness or else you will not have blinkers!!! If this fixes your problem great now just put it all back together If it didn't you have to take the gauge cluster apart to get the odometer out. Once it is out you will notice that it works with small plastic gear on a metal shaft of servo. If I remember correctly two small screws hold the motor on to the odometer, remove them and the servo. Now all you have to do is use a drop of super glue to get the plastic gear to stick to the shaft. Now just put everything back together and test it out. For g! etting the dash apart look in the FSM Page BF-18 

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