I currently own a 93' Nissan 240 SXSE, and I am having trouble with my rear camber. My right rear has negative camber at -1.9 degrees and the left rear has
negative camber at -1.1 degrees. Is there anything that I can do to correct the problem? I have already worn the inside edges off a set of tires and it's getting a little rediculous. Is there a shim kit or replacement parts that are a little shorter that will correct the negative camber? If anyone know anything about how I can correct this PLEASE let me know. Or maybe someone who I can get in touch with that will know something.

My car now has 17 inch wheels with 235-45-ZR-17 tires. The car has never been wrecked, and I am the original owner. With the taller tires, the body of the car is about an inch-inch and a half above stock height. I went to the local dealer and had a four-wheel alignment, thinking the negative camber problem would be corrected, but I was wrong. They said they do not know how to correct this problem, because there is not any adjustments.  Can someone make a shim kit or even cut somthing (not that I want to cut)if necessary?

If it helps any, the car has front and rear lower stablizer bars from suspension techniques, with the bushing kit that came with the package.

Thank A Bunch,
Kyle Bennett
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Dear Kyle,

On my '89, according to my service manual, the rear camber is adjustable.  Your local dealer must be wrong. The adjusting bolt is at the inboard end of the upper rear link. The one with a hole for the shock/spring. Camber changes about 5 minutes with each graduation of the adjusting pin. 1 degree is 60 minutes. Your left wheel is ok at -1.1 deg. for the 89 the spec. is
-1.6 deg to -0.6 deg. To correct your right wheel turn the adjustment 6 graduations. I think your must rotate in the outboard direction to increase the camber (increase mean less negative). This adjustment may change your toe-in.(The toe-in spec. are 0.5 to 4.5mm toe-in, 4.5 is a lot!).

Richard Lestage
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240SX 1989

Re. 2
well there is no kits and no adjustments...i have worked on four 240sx's in my day and lowered them to the max...which aint low....i even had a freind get a custom cusco supension kit that offers an adjustable strust with a smaller inner piston for better/lower ride... as for the camber you have to ake it to an alignment shop where they can bend the fuck out of your suspension to make it sit right again...sis you happen to hit a real bad bump or a brick on the fwy?

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Re. 3

Hey, I got a 93 SE running on Eibach Sports with 215/45/17's and I also had cut the springs till there is exactly 1 finger gap all around. My camber is exactly at 0 degree. The front is easy, as you may know. Monroe Sensa -Trac struts have a slotted hole on top where an alignment shop can adjust for you. The back, I paid the shop to grind a slotted hole also to make it adjustable. I am not exactly sure how to describe which hole he slotted, but if you take off the wheel and look at it, you'll figure it out. The point is, it is definitely possible. Just make sure you don't let them slot the holes too much, otherwise......bamm! And if you run tokico's up front, you can slot the top hole of the two holes (where it connects to the wheel assembly). I personally run Sensatracs up front and Tokico's in the back! that along with the Pirelli's, the 240 can outcorner just about any honda/acura out there (except the NSX of course). Even vettes and supras have to respect this rear wheel car's abilities! Good Luck!