I recently put a Monza pacesetter muffler on my 240. I did from the cat back. I love the added acceleration but the noise in the car can be unbearable! Can I modify the system or did I choose the wrong muffler?

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the noise from a moza/pacesetter exhaust can be lessened by replacing the exhaust tip with one that is not resonated. The purpose of the tip is to make noise.. and nothing more.

Eric Eskandari <[email protected]>

I just installed the Pacesetter/Monza cat-back exhaust on my 89 240SX SE, and am also finding the exhaust noise way too loud. I talked with Pacesetter, they said replacing the resonator tips would not decrease the sound level (maybe even increase or change the pitch). I think the only alternative is to install a second muffler/resonator ahead of the muffler in the system, reducing the noise, but also increasing back-preassure. Has anyone tried this approach?

Paul Klein
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The Result

Updating my original post: I added a resonator (made by Walker, same size/fit as OEM) ahead of the Pacesetter muffler. This has quieted down the system somewhat, but is still suprisingly louder than  stock. The next step would probably be to replace the resonated tips (as originaly recommended by Eric Eskadarian), but since these are welded on, this would make the trouble (and cost) too much.

Paul (Pavel) Klein
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