I just read the OPTION mag, they tested 4 intake systems in the Nov issus. Here are the result They use the nissan cr32(looks like skyline. but not GT-R) for the test....it has 226.4ps with the stock intake system

1)HKS Super Power Flow (the green mushroom) it increases the power to 231.3ps (around 5ps)

2)Apex Super Intake it increases the power to 227.1ps (less than 1ps)

3)M's High Power Cleaner (same as the K&N) it increases the power to 226.8ps (less than 1ps)

4)ARC Super Induction Box it increases the power to 234.0ps (around 8ps)

5)W/0 any intake system it decreases the power to 223.2ps (3ps less)

All ps is on Wheel it has no offense to any intake system, just give you guys some ideas about the intake system.......

Also, they tested 4 cat-back system, but this time they used a Mitia for the testing, it has 122.9ps on wheel and 78.0dB with the stock system
1)Tanabe 125.1ps 83.dB
2)Apex 127.4ps 84.2dB
3)TMC RS-R 128.2ps 81.8dB
4)Border304 126.2ps 102.5dB

If anyone want the pics of all the products and their dyno graph, i can
send it by e-mail....

Hope those info are useful for everyone!

Where can you get an intake tube?

INGEN is currently making an intake system for older 240's. It will be ready this summer. It comes filter and mandrel plenium.  Polished, anadized red, and gun barrel grey are the color choices. Cool thing is i have a Stillen intake, and they are offering their tube and filter as separate pieces. So the tube could add another 2-4 HP, according to Sport Compact Car(95 model). Price fromm225 to 245, depending on color and 1 or 2 pieces.

John Austin, AR 91 fastback se
[email protected]