Hi, i dont have alot of money, and i already have an Jwt POP charger. I would like to buy a hotshot intake pipe from the filter to the TB, but i cant afford it. is there anything i can do?


Why Yes! First of all, as far as I know, you must have an existing k and n air filter like element(pop charger). next, go to your local yocal ace hardware(its the place i bought my stuff at, if you go ewlsewhere, results may vary), and buy a 5ft. section of 3 inch pvc(not schedule 40), rather the thinner stuff. Also, a 90 degree angled pvc pipe Next get two 3-3inch rubber couplings and some brass fittings that look similar to the factory one used on the vacuum lines. lastly, youll need a 45 degree angle pieve of pvc. THe pvc should be 3.50, couplings-7.00, fittings-3-4.00. finally the two angled pieces are like 4-5 bucks.  Now, i spent 50 on mine, but thats due to prototyping two different originals before the final product. next, measure out the length youll need for right in front of the radiator and cut a piece of pvc accordingly.  next put the 45 degree angled piece on the right side that connects to the air filter and attach the first coupling to the pipe  and filter. Next, attach the 90 angle pipe to the left side of the pvc thats in front of the radiator. Now, measure out from the 90 degree piece to the throttle body and cut a piece of pvc accordingly.  now, plumb the holes for nipple like thingy's you got, so you can connect the vacuum lines. Now, connect the vaccuum line and tighten all connections. Youre ready to rock! Now, you may ask why not just spend the extra money and get the injen or hotshots intake? because im cheap! i guarantee you that my intake is darn close to theirs, with the price not being worth the extra couple of hp. I mean it cost like 20 bucks compared to  100-200, so what if youre short 2hp! Put that money into the suspension. That's what im doing! good luck and forgive any grammatical errors, please!

Chris Jefferson
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Want a cold air intake that matches you INJEN intake and tube?


Injen now has a CAI extension for 90-98 240sx's. Nopi hase them for around $100. Colors include red, polished and blue. It was dynoed by INJEN to give 6 to 8 hp with the INJEN intake tube. Picture looks SWEET. I am waiting for mine right now. Definate buy. CAI is a must for any 240.

John Austin
Email: [email protected]