High powered ignition systems are generally needed when engines are highly modified. Typical examples are the addition of Turbo-Charging systems or Nitrous Oxide systems. Both of these systems produce very high combustive pressures and dense mixtures. The stock ignition doesn't produce high enough voltage and amperage to reliably ignite the mixture. Also with high performance cams which allow higher RPMs, the stock ignition starts to fall off at the higher revs.

For stock setups and mild modifications such as custom exhausts, high flow air intakes, and modified ECUs, adding a high powered ignition system will not get you more horse power. The stock ignition system is more then ample.



I would agree and disagree with RogoMan. The Nissan stock ignition works well with bolt ons, but an upgraded ignition system is a big improvement. I would recommend MSD 6A with rev limiter, MSD Blaster SS Coil, and your own choice of 8.5 ignition wires, I would recommend Magnecor. An MSD ignition system would improve power, quicken throttle responce, smooths out idle and starting, reduce spark plug fouling, improve mileage, and reduce emissions. MSD has ignition setups for different applications, from an all stock vehicle to all out racing and everything in between. I would recommend it to anybody at/in any stage of vehicle performance.

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MSD 6a Ignition Tips

    Before you put it on make sure you have the Tach adaptor from MSD first. It's Part # 8910. If you dont have this your Tach will stop working when you   put the MSD box in. I will tell you how to hook it up.

    The wires /terminals you need to cut will be found underneath the stock  coil wrapped in heavy electrical tape.Take/cut the two wires that originally   went to the coil make sure you leave some wire sticking out of the coil   still, like an inch or so  ( green/negative and black or sometimes red/positive ), connect the negative  ( green ) to the white wire from the box, connect the positive ( red or black  ) to the THIN red wire ( not the one for the 12v source ) from the box. Now  you you're done with that side, now turn to the coil where you left some wire  still sticking out  ( I hope , hehe ). Take the orange wire from the box and connect it to the  positive terminal ( the black or sometimes red wire, where you just  cut to connect the red wire from the box ) of the coil. Take the thin black wire   and connect it to the negative terminal ( the green wire, where you just cut  to connect the white wire from the box ) of the coil.  

    The THICK red and blackwires are the 12v source. Just connect the thick   red wire to the battery and the thick black to any good source of ground. Basically what you're doing is putting the box in between the wire you just   cut going to the coil. 

    Now for the Tach adaptor, you need to to tap this on the original green  and black (or sometimes red ) wires, the ones you cut to connect the thin red   and white wire, remember?. You need to connect the adaptor wire at the   white/green and red/black (or red) connectoin side before the box, not the   wires from the box to the coil. It does'nt matter which wire goes to which   from the adaptor. 

Hope you enjoy it :-) . Later....