Can the hydraulic lifters that are integrated into the rocker arms be fixed, or does the entire arm need to be replaced?

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The hydraulic lifters in the 240 are self-adjusting and need no adjustments unlike most Hondas and some older Nissans. However when they wear out past a certain point you have to replace the lifter/rocker arm. Its all one assembly. I think they go for about $35 each in the SOHC if I'm not mistaken.

Kris ([email protected]) -- 1990 240SX hatchback

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Can the hydraulic lifters be taken to a machine shop and replaced without having to by a new rocker arm assembly? And if so what is the cost of such a rebuild? Can you do it yourself?

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I've recently replaced all my rocker arms on my SOHC s-13, and no you can't get a machine shop to fix them. They only cost $15 each (although there are 12 of them). Newer models have the hydraulic lifter separate from the rocker arm (I don't know where the change came in tho.)

The job is actually relatively easy to do - make sure you get new gaskets while you're at it (valve cover gasket, and 2 new "half moon" seals) as well as blue silicon sealant to hold in the half-moons.

--will snow
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